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Software de Logistica Avanzado: FIELDER en Accion

Our Company

In one hand, we provide companies a digital, automated, intelligent & variable service model that optimizes their operations, providing the best service experience to end customers with the highest quality of service & in the other hand we want to create economic opportunities & increase professionalization & better quality of life for specialized technicians.

Established in 2021, Fielder operates with offices in both the USA and Mexico City. We are proud to have AWS (Amazon Web Services) as our esteemed investors, driving our mission forward. 

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Fielder Management App

Is the simplest app for managing your field agents. It allows you to assign tasks such as collections, deliveries, and servicing directly from a web portal. With Fielder, you can receive tasks from your clients, manage them, and assign them to the nearest agent in your client´s area.

Gestion de Tareas Inteligente con Fielder App


Optimizacion de Operaciones de Servicio con Fielder

Traceability and Management

Effortless team activity tracking

Optimizacion de Operaciones de Servicio con Fielder

Optimization of Routes and Resources

Maximize productivity with optimal resource

Ubicacion y Optimizacion de servicios

Activity Dispersion Maps

Visualize the density of activities in the field

Transforming Service Operations

We digitize, automate, provide real-time management and quick and assertive decision making with generative AI and give the opportunity to variabilize the service operations for manufacturers and specialized service providers & give the technicians the opportunity to take specialized services on demand, by their location, availability and skills, promoting a better quality of life & shaping the new ways of the future of work..